Monday, January 17, 2011

I said, "Here I am, send me!" And God said, "OK...Go to Haiti!"

So here we are. . . Haiti!

September 28th, I landed in Kona Hawaii to begin planning for this day! People from all over the world converged on one campus in the middle of the pacific ocean fervently searching for God’s call on their lives. When I arrived, I knew nothing of Haiti. All I knew was that there was a team going to Africa. Little did I know, God had something different for 14 of us.

For the first 3 months we learned about the father heart of God. He loves you and I so much! We also learned that the spirit world is real and active. It is important to be able to discern between spirits and/or negative strong holds on our lives. God is continually speaking to us each day.

On Dec 15th, 14 of us started our journey toward Haiti. Four planes and 30 hours later, here we are. Everyone is tired and no one has luggage because it got misplaced somewhere along the way. If ever there was a time for us to understand that God is in control, that time is now. We’ve been here for 3 days now and still have no luggage. The first night we stayed at YWAM Port Au Prince. That was such a blessing because there was power and internet. I was able to call home and assure my family that I landed safely. The next day we get on the Tap Tap (Haitian Taxi) and drive about an hour to our home from the next 30 days. At this point we realize there will most likely be no power because it has been out for 8 days already. That’s ok though! The food has been great! We only have one bathroom between 14 of us, but that’s ok too... nobody packed soap so we all smell the same! We have been passing the deoderant between pits and have shared what snacks we have as we spend each night reading books, playing music and sharing life be candle light.

Saturday, we went to the market. It was like nothing I have ever seen. Vendors lined the streets selling anything and everything they could find. As we walked through the city of St. Mark, eyes followed our every move. Empty hands and hopeless eyes met ours as we passed by the beggars and orphans. “Grangou...Grangou” They were saying, “I’m Hungry!” Most of the kids we see had been trained to say, “Give me one dollar” in english. My heart ached for the people because I had nothing to give. When we got home that night there was a hot meal waiting on us. As I ate the delicious feast, I thought of the people I had seen that day. Most of them have nothing, but I fell asleep w/ a full stomach and an aching heart for the people of Haiti.

Sunday morning, a new smell drifed though the house. Pumpkin soup is a fairly new delacacy for the Haitians. Apparantly there was a revolution in Janaury. Before that, only the high class had access to pumpkins. After the revolution, every Hatian was allowed to cook and eat this delicious meal. Our cook this morning was from one of the largest hotels in Haiti and she wanted us to be a part of the new revolution. After we had this soup for breakfast, I get news that I’m preaching the Sunday morning sermon in about 30 minutes. I wasn’t super excited to be put on the spot, but I began to prepare. As I began to stifle my own apprehensions and fear, I asked God what he wanted me to tell the people this morning. Immediately he said, “Give them Hope... Tell thime I love them.” In my heart I thought “Lord I’m sure they hear that all the time!”

He said, “Tell them again!”

“But God...”

“Jon... I want YOU to tell them...again!”

30 minutes passed... One Hour... Two Hours... About 20 minutes after I finished preparing to speak,we get news that we are going somewhere else for church. I thought I was off the hook but we plan on going to night church, so I’ll have the chance to preach in Haiti after all!

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